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Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Give Your mobile no. Facebok, Must have read this news

Nowadays everyone is on social networking updates.

Social networking is the Poplur Facebook where people are talking to their friends than with strangers, even become one of those marriages. If someone like the boy gets the girl to someone. Sometimes the boys would have loved the girl managed to put his number.

How to get mobile number on Facebook?

If your Facebook friends on Facebook to register your mobile number so you can learn their mobile number. Public your friend has their phone numbers so you can know his number by visiting their Facebook Timeline. But sometimes people tend to hide their phone number.

According to a report in the Daily Mail has a coding script Solt.ajensi Mounudin through the Technical Director Reza UK, the US and Canada made every possible number combination. He then millions of Facebook app-building program numbers (API) sent. In return, he got millions of personal profiles.

Moinudin told the Daily Mail: "With such a large security Loophole, the right phone number to anyone with information that might be on Facebook users' personal information collected is used incorrectly. He could sell details of users. "

Facebook has been informed about this in April, and the API is said to pre-encrypt, but it Loophole-of-quo prevails. This site has around 14 million users account for hackers Upbldh.

RAND Corporation's National Security Division, according to last year's report of the photos, names, phone numbers, school information and locations can be sold on the network of illegal trading sites.

The report also said that Twitter and Facebook accounts so now the credit cards stolen more than pays.

To know the number of friends you can take the help of this trick. As a reminder, this trick will not work on mobile, you will have to use a computer or laptop.

1. Open Chrome browser in the first computer.

2. Now you have to install the Toolkit for facebook extension tools.

3. Open the extension. Here you will be given some options.

4. Extraction Tools you have to click on them. The extract public phone number of friends you have to click on.

5. This tool is not free. The subscription will take you. The fee is $ 9, ie around 630 rupees.

6. As soon as you subscribe you will see a list of your friends phone.

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