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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Your Lost Phone From Google Only In 4 Steps

Enter Android phone users by going to Google Find My Phone, Google will answer Shi! You will be able to find your lost phone.

You have heard many stories related to the loss of the smartphone. Of those rare times it happens that you get your lost phone Although there are so many ways in today's time that you can find your Android smartphone, which is also quite easy.
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

smartphone off of just 30 minutes a day, you can find these big advantages

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Nowadays every user has got used to being stuck with his smartphone. Makes a very bad effect from smartphone maintenance to user health.

- It is to say that the CEO of Accellion company, Jürgen Edholm, who works for Secure File Sharing for Mobile, So let's tell you this for a while, by turning off your smartphone, you can find out which benefits.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

You have given Facebook as a mobile no So read this news

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Everybody is updated on social networking nowadays.
The most poplar of social networking is Facebook, where people talk to their friends, along with the unknown people, even the people of the people are also made. Someone likes the boy, so somebody girl. Many times the girl likes the girl so much that she likes to gulp her number.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

If you sleep on the charging phone then let's know

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- When sleeping, charge your phone in the charging, or while sleeping, think that the phone charges the night and the phone will get full charge in the morning. If you are doing this then you are doing very wrong because you are making big losses to your phone.

Monday, March 13, 2017

If you have a mobile hang, this top 10 trick adopted

- Android smartphone often hangs during use. No functionality of the phone works. At that time you either restart the phone or wait a bit, it will be fine in a while. Once Hang's problem starts, then it often starts bothering. But this is a solution to the problem and you can easily fix your phone. Further we have suggested similar measures so that you can get rid of the problem of hanging your phone.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Smartphones are bigger than these Blasts, keep this in mind Meditation

In the last few days, there have been so many incidents of smartphone bursts that they are now being counted among common events. Even though it has started taking place at the time of the general event, it is important to understand how dangerous it is, because having a phone blast can badly harm you.
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The Government will be able to make your PAN card in few minutes and will be comfortable to pay income tax

- Income Tax Department is making a mobile app through which taxpayers will be able to pay income tax. The application for PAN will also be made from the smartphone itself. In addition, the department is working on a project to release the pan in a few minutes to the applicant on the basis of E-KYC. This will make it easier for people to get a permanent account number (PAN) and more and more people will be in the tax bracket.
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Give Your mobile no. Facebok, Must have read this news

Nowadays everyone is on social networking updates.

Social networking is the Poplur Facebook where people are talking to their friends than with strangers, even become one of those marriages. If someone like the boy gets the girl to someone. Sometimes the boys would have loved the girl managed to put his number.

How to get mobile number on Facebook?

If your Facebook friends on Facebook to register your mobile number so you can learn their mobile number. Public your friend has their phone numbers so you can know his number by visiting their Facebook Timeline. But sometimes people tend to hide their phone number.

According to a report in the Daily Mail has a coding script Solt.ajensi Mounudin through the Technical Director Reza UK, the US and Canada made every possible number combination. He then millions of Facebook app-building program numbers (API) sent. In return, he got millions of personal profiles.

Moinudin told the Daily Mail: "With such a large security Loophole, the right phone number to anyone with information that might be on Facebook users' personal information collected is used incorrectly. He could sell details of users. "

Facebook has been informed about this in April, and the API is said to pre-encrypt, but it Loophole-of-quo prevails. This site has around 14 million users account for hackers Upbldh.

RAND Corporation's National Security Division, according to last year's report of the photos, names, phone numbers, school information and locations can be sold on the network of illegal trading sites.

The report also said that Twitter and Facebook accounts so now the credit cards stolen more than pays.

To know the number of friends you can take the help of this trick. As a reminder, this trick will not work on mobile, you will have to use a computer or laptop.

1. Open Chrome browser in the first computer.

2. Now you have to install the Toolkit for facebook extension tools.

3. Open the extension. Here you will be given some options.

4. Extraction Tools you have to click on them. The extract public phone number of friends you have to click on.

5. This tool is not free. The subscription will take you. The fee is $ 9, ie around 630 rupees.

6. As soon as you subscribe you will see a list of your friends phone.

Fast Charge your phone with you, then adopted these top tips

- Android phones with larger screens and more memory than earlier battery is powerful. If the battery will not be so big and heavy, powerful graphics will be difficult to use in the phone app. The first call was at the 800-900 mAh battery used. If you use the battery in a few hours today, these conditions will worsen the call.

- Here we call fast charging methods have reported similar 8.

1. Mobile put on the flight mode

- This is a very simple recipe, which will continue to rapidly charge your phone without having closed all of its functions, the phone is completely turned off.

If you put the phone in flight mode to call it, such as browsing the Internet or GPS, turn off the feature to work.

But there are some benefits that will continue to rapidly charge your phone and the phone will remain on the alarm, which is something a lot of work if you are charging the phone by night.

Went the way of charging if not too spectacular to be said, there is also the exceptional way in a short time.

2. Do not charging from the USB port

- The mobile phone is the quick charge USB port rather than electricity.

Apple, for example, would suggest that mobile phone company met with the USB cable to the phone via a wall adapter power point charge.

3. Keep proper temperature

- High temperature lowers the ability to charge the battery.

For example, Apple is reassuring that the Jhyadi in battery performance due to heat is reduced and the phone is recommended to stay away from the sun.

Thus, the heat is increased to cover the houses or even phone charging time increases.

4. Sales pack the charger use

- All chargers are alike, even those which seem.

It's best to always use the official phone charger, which is to secure the best results.

In fact there could be problems with the use of unauthorized charger.

Even the phone may well be charged off or late charges. If you are not using real charger, charger, try at least good quality.

5. Only Charger

- If you put the phone into the USB charging and data transfer is not the time you turn on the phone charger only. This phone will be charged less. When you connect the phone to a charger when the computer or laptop USB Connected option

Show. Clicking the MTP media, copy the files and only appears Aॅpshn charger. It is to the Aॅn. This extremely fast, if not your phone will charge faster than ever.

6. USB 3.0

- Phone if you are charging from USB, try and keep the new laptop or computer. USB 2.0 was in the older USB 2.5 watts Volt Splai used. The new device uses USB 3.0 and 4.5 watt power supply that is capable of charging the phone quickly.

7. Bakgra und application Close

- When you try earnestly to charge the phone running in the background and go to the Task Manager to close all Apkileshn. Even the phone will charge a little faster. During the fast charging, try also not removed from the frequent phone charging.

8. Remove the cover on the phone, keep a cool place

- When you charge the phone cover or case, do not remove it, can you do it now. This will benefit. Lithium-Ion batteries used in smartphones, which accepts a simple objective. He 'a cooler battery is a better battery'. Cold battery means the battery is safe. The cover of the phone by removing the battery case and the room temperature will help to keep abreast of. If there is a room temperature of 30 ° C, you do not need any such thing.

Without smartphone battery charger, to charge anywhere from the sticker

- Due to social media, everyone is used to use my phone all the time. Chill out to users at the end of the battery becomes. Now how to charge. Sometimes several times charging point does not work while charging point or is away. To get rid of these problems, a new technology has come.

- This wireless charger developed by French start-up. Its name is Anerjeeskveyr. During the CES trade show in Las Vegas, the company showed it was. Anerjeeskveyr a charging pad and a sticker, which is used behind a gadget.

Phone Charging seem feet at bedtime, then let me tell you these important Bate

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- Sticker Micro-USB, USB-C or Laitinning support with two electrodes, thereby charging port is connected to the gadget. Once the device begins charging after being placed on the pad.

- Once the device begins charging after being placed on the pad. But the sticker tool blocks the normal charging port. If you want to charge a device in the usual way, then he will need to remove the sticker.

- Sticker It's a blockage that stops the device charging port, and if you want to charge the device in the normal way, then there is need to remove the sticker. The company has accepted the blame back on the promise that the Advanced Edition will include a port.

- The price of $ 89, ie approximately 6000 ₹ Anerjeeskveyr O. It includes a charging pad and five sticker.

Here are the top 10 YouTube shortcut

- There are many people who spend much of their time watching videos on YouTube. For such people we have come up with some shortcuts so you watch the video on YouTube will not face any trouble. With this shortcut, you can watch any video on YouTube.

Let us know what the shortcuts.

1. To control tab: YouTube you can use the tab button. Use the tab button to select the feature you can. Tab by clicking the button you can go to the next feature. Such as play, Paus, volume, flowers screen, shares, likes and comments, one by one, you can go to all the features. If you want to select features on the rear using the tab button to sift.

2. Play / Pause: Whenever we watch a video on YouTube to stop him in the middle, but we Ksik space you would hardly know you 'K' button below the video Play / Pause can

3. Foward and Back: The keyboard turned on 'J' and 'L' using the button you can video Foward and back. 'J' button you can back up the video. While the 'L' button you can Foward videos.

4. 5 seconds, or Foward and Back: YouTube videos 5 seconds Foward and back arrow button on the keyboard if you want to be able to help you. Left arrow to move to the back and right arrows can be used.

5. Click once more Foward and Back: If you watch the video if time has moved far ahead or behind the keyboard's number '1' can be used. The number '9' to 90 per cent by clicking can come forward.

6. Restart To restart the video to '0' button can be used.

7. Slow Motion: If you would like to view a video in slow motion to the 'K' button can be used.

8. To control the volume: the keyboard arrows to control volume up and down buttons can press. Similar to mute the "M" button can be used.

9. Full Screen: To view the video in full mode you can exercise your keyboard Scape button. Scape button to exit the same way will work.

10. To close caption captions close to 'B' button can be used. Similar to increase or decrease font caption, "-" or "+" can be used.

Now without a credit or debit card, from the base to the payment

- From the government to promote digital transactions are being continually introduced new schemes. This link is now getting a great introduction. App based payments from the government, a new mobile app has brought the number under which the base with the help of just any store or any other place or restaurateur can pay.

- It will have to find just your thumb. To use this new app, you do not even need a smartphone. To use this app based on your phone number from your bank account must be linked. Shopper or a smartphone to pay for it and who must have a biometric scanner machine. Also if the fingerprint sensor smartphone minimizes scanner.

- Neither for the payment of a purchase requiring a mobile, or a card or app. Your 'Aadhaar' number is enough.

- According to the Economic Times, the app UIDAI, IDFC and National Payments Corporation au

The largest company in the world to live is getting you free internet

- Free Internet in India today increased the number of users and went live in India after the world's largest e-commerce company Alibaba in India has announced a free Internet. If the company is the largest company in China was the world's largest e-commerce company.

- In India, the e-commerce company Alibaba already exists and its most popular product with UC Browser India recently its second major product in the e-commerce company Alibaba news that UC is introduced. Similarly, the company went on to have a good grasp of the Indian mark.

- If you note a few days ago facebook similar org and the Internet in India through Free Basic project wanted to do something similar to facebook but India had to cancel it.

- Despite the announcement of the company will also be the introduction of the internet in India is still not clear when. Join the facebook of the basic questions about this on the Internet, will be in question can be seen now in India after the promulgation of Alibaba Free Internet access begins when.

Learn where to find the lost phone IMEI number

- Usually after they buy the phone with a case or somewhere throw forget. So, when he lost the phone's IMEI number to theft complaints How to know?

- For this you can take help of the Internet, where the IMEI number of the phone that can be detected. Also, if required, contact phone number can also see. You lost your phone can receive information about how we are going to tell you in detail here

- Android user to check your phone's IMEI number, you can use the Dashboard google. user must type in the Chrome browser. Keep in mind that before the Gmail account you must be logged into the Chrome browser that runs on the phone.

- The Google Dashboard will open in the Chrome browser. The account will be written up. The icon will appear under your name, and then Android. Click to check IMEI Android. This laptop computer or phone information will be visible on the screen. This information includes the name and IMEI number of the phone, including information honky you can give to the police.

- Interestingly, both the IMEI number if the phone is based on dual-SIM can be viewed on the website. Also the IMEI number of the phone you want to delete the backup data under the Delete Backup Data click on it. It's your data that is saved on Google.

# Check that the phone IMEI

- If the phone you wish to check the IMEI number, dial * # 06 #. Just dial it on your screen the IMEI number of the phone will be flash. In addition to the settings of the phone. Click on the Contacts option. Status and then click the option to give the IMEI numbers.

# See the contact on the computer

- The phone being stolen or lost since the real problem is the loss of contact. In this case, you can resort to the Google Dashboard. Android in the Google Dashboard about phone options, click below.

- On the screen of the computer or laptop to do all the contacts in the phone will be displayed. Gmail contacts on the phone to see the second option is also available. Please login to see contact from Gmail Gmail account. Gmail will write down the left side, followed by Google, Gmail, click on the mouse. Then select the contact from the three options will open.

# Chrome browser extension info

- Saved on your Chrome browser bookmarks and extensions, if you want to know the dashboard is a feature in Google. Click the Chrome Sync Dashboard. After this app in Chrome browser and extensions can get information. Also a number of changes in your Chrome browser, this option has the potential to tell.

# What is the IMEI number

- IMEI number, full name is International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. It is a unique number of 15 characters. The entire world is prepared for all types of cellular devices. IMEI number can be searched via your smartphone, as well as any other use can be prevented.

Google made the big announcement to increase your phone's memory

- And of course, the app will be your Smartfom many apps as you will consume memory. The app will also update them and you will be surprised to know that with the new updates to the app takes more memory.

- Each time the common user does not clear cache and memory. Download updates of apps which are much larger in time and space as well as mobile data and also takes account.

This will significantly reduce the size of the current update.

Techniques will use. Under this app updates will be reduced by about 65 per cent of its real size. Google said that many times the size down to 90 per cent less.

- But it is not all that it would start to smartphones. This new technology is not eligible for the old smartphone. After 2015 it will be possible to remain in the smartphone. The new smartphone users will soon be so mild updates partly to conserve the memory of the smartphone.

Government's plan will be able to rest a few minutes of your PAN card and pay income tax

- The IT department is creating a mobile app through which the taxpayer will be able to pay income tax. The smartphone will also be used to apply for PAN. With this E-KYC Department pan a few minutes, depending on the applicant to continue working on a project. This creates a permanent account number (PAN) would be easier to achieve and more and more people will be in the range.

- An official mobile app is in early stages. App of the people will be able to apply for a PAN card, tax returns and tracking will be able to fill. After getting approval from the Ministry of Finance will begin its pilot project.

- More and more people will come under the tax. Media reports said that the Central Government would Enablement App Aadhaar-based E-KYC. That is why it would be only a few minutes now to make PAN card.

- E-KYC Aadhaar-based facility through which the PAN who have applied for the date of birth, address and biometric identification will be made through a thumb impression. The 111 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued so far.

- However, you will get instant PAN number, but the card will be delivered later. MCA CBDT and form new companies through a common agreement to release the pan in four hours. The motive is to prompt companies to continue business as PAN identification number will be.

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