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Monday, February 27, 2017

New feature of whatsapp you already hand even more Enjoy

-Instant Messaging app whatsapp new features are added. This feature is that users of states in addition to photos and text your states now videos can also detect. Whats new features updates reach your through.

-If you use this feature snaipchait or have given them instagram the story feature as. This new feature in iOS bottom next to the calling tab while in a separate tab option in the Android too.

-In addition to the text under your states see the photos and videos can also be felt. You photos, videos and drawings to your selected image, giph with friends as states can share for 24 hours.

-Before you do your friends photograph, video or GIF have to share, you can either use the broadcasting feature, or send one by one. But now you can put him in that status 24 hours later will disappear for yourself.

-New iPhone, Android and Windows now device status feature that is available to all consumers around the world. According to the vhatsaaip blog is now encrypted end-to-end status updates. Described on Thursday in the blog, "new and improved status feature to your friends fun and simple ways to update your status. "Whats your app users to create more secure issuing buying updates and features. This social networking app has just two-step verification process so that it can become more secure.

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