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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Airtel 4G will now December 2017 Free Internet

- Bharti Airtel, India's largest company Reliance Jio to take on a special offer is presented. Under this offer users 12 months, ie until December 31, 2017 will be free 4G data.

- The plan is for only those users who have ported to another network Airtel 4G. For this they should be 4G handsets. Airtel users as well as for those who are upgrading to the new 4G handsets. It offers 4 January and 28 February 2017, will be available.

- Under this plan, the December 31, 2017 In all, about Rs 9000 will be given free data. It will offer those customers who switch their number to 28 February at the Airtel 4G. Under this offer prepaid and postpaid subscribers of the Company until December 31 every month will get 3 GB of free 4G data.

Prepaid customers can find the O #

- Said that Rs 345 recharge Airtel customers will get 3 GB free data. Under this plan, unlimited local and STD calls anywhere in India you can. Every month and you will also get 1 GB of data. The company says that customers will be able to use this pack with 4 GB of data. Mayayrtel additional 3 GB of data through client app can achieve. Airtel said that the validity of these plans is 28 days. December 31 in 2017, 13 recharge will be benefited.

# Postpaid customers also can find there.

- Postpaid customers get free 3GB data plan Mayplan Infinity have to choose one. Postpaid customers can gain additional data through Mayayrtel app.

- More than 13 times until you recharge, by December 31, 2017 3 GB of free data may demand. The validity of each recharge will be 28 days.

Vodafone in your new plan offering unlimited calling with free 4G data

- Telecom to entice its customers every other day new offers are introduced. When the war began RJio Ayretl response and resulted from companies like Vodafone. Before war broke out in the grounds of prepaid, postpaid swords now come out in the field.

- Geo's free service to rival Vodafone and Airtel plans postpaid Infiniti has stepped into the fray. The two old red Vodafone postpaid plans have changed.

1. The new plan first.

- Vodafone postpaid customers under Red has been under-STD calling to any network with free unlimited local data is being delivered. Red Vodafone's Rs 499 plan with monthly fee and is only for postpaid customers connections. The first was in 1699 to Rs.

# Under this plan, you'll get it all.

- Unlimited Calling

- 3 GB 3G / 4G data

- 100 SMS Free

2. The new second plan

- Vodafone is the second plan, the monthly fee of Rs 699.

# Under this plan, you'll get it all.

- Unlimited calls

- 5 GB of 3G / 4G data

- 100 SMS Free

Call live or not live from Jio, if adopted these tips

- Reliance Jio announced before the people to use free 4G data are constantly new SIM. 4G smartphone in India under its welcome offer to qualify for this customer. Reliance Digital People are buying it by the line, while in many areas is Rs 1,500 illegal sales.

We are here to tell you about their problems and their solutions. Here's ...

- In many handsets it does not read sim.

Lkaesi problem and then you live your handset is dual SIM SIM slot and keep the primary. The company is also putting it in the No. 1 slot, giving advice.

2. Then restart your phone and SIM reapply.

3. If your SIM is still not working, then it probably will not work on your phone.

- SIM is Reid, but the signal.

1. If you have identified in the first slot Sim now can go to Settings, see the data on or not. If the data is not on, make it on.

2. Network Settings Czech SIM 1, you have to see it for the primary SIM data is created or not. If not, make it so.

3. Mobile data or network settings in the Preferred Network 4G / LTE selecting it.

4. If you are in the phone SIM Ricognaij Selkt Factor Live mobile network settings access point name and save the settings.

5. Select the network operator manually by selecting Geo.

6. If still does not work, then SIM might not sync with your phone's SIM software or hardware. You can talk in support.

- Sim is working, but is not calling.

1. Now go into the settings of the mobile mobile network APN settings by going to RESET jionet it.

2. Turn off your smartphone, be sure to turn on again.

3. After the phone on the first re-install the app Jio4Gvoice.

4. Now go to the Settings app, be sure to add to the phone dialer.

5. Calling on the SIM will start your Geo.

6. If there is still calling to the SIM Geo Visit Geo Service Center.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Smartphones take off just 30 minutes a day, you can get these great benefits

- Secure file sharing for mobile work is to say that the company's CEO Yorgn Adholm of Accellion. So let us tell you a little late for the smartphone off and what benefit you can get.

# 1800 seconds to turn off the smartphone in the day, you can get these great benefits o

# 1. Usen Haibernet mode smartphone to close or keep on the impact on battery life. To do this, once for all Bagraund apps are closed. This is because the battery is avoided.

#2. According to a research, 61 per cent of people can not live without seeing the notification, if you are one of them, is very important for you to switch off the phone. Consontreshn power to perform any work that is growing.

# 3. Usen If you want to stop the phone at a certain time, be sure to reboot. Doing so will stop running apps in the background and all the updated features will work correctly.

# 4. If the mobile phone is facing the problem of overheating may be several reasons. Usen on handsets such overheating is a good idea to stop for a while.

# 5. Smartphones mayaffect the continued use of your mind to. Our brain does not work, but he never multitask is switch between multiple tasks. So, while you keep your smartphone close to your brain will relax.

# 6. Our brain does not work, but he never multitask is switch between multiple tasks. So, if you stop for a while to keep your smartphone to get your brain to relax and they will be able to work much better.

Required to delete the photo from the back, they found a simple trick

- Delete the photo is sometimes fraudulently re recovery which is a little difficult but not impossible task. But do not need to repent because of some simple tricks you always easily recover deleted photos have been:

1. See the first photos that have been deleted, ie where was saved photos were saved in the phone memory or memory card.

2. fraudulently deleted the pictures of the phone you have been saved even if the backup to somewhere Photo Recovery software is a way to recover photos that were deleted can also recover. Asoftech Photo Recovery is one such software that helps to delete the photo went back can Rivkr. Let us know how to use this software can be used.

3. Install Picture Recovery Software now in your PC, may run into her PC after installing.

4. Delete the photos were saved in the phone memory, the phone with the help of USB cable connect to computer. The phone or memory card in the computer drive in my computer called H or G appears.

5. Then click on Asoftech Photo Recovery software program and as soon as the phone from the computer appear in the name of the drive, select it. The phone will now start scanning itself.

6. Now click on the option to scan the software in a while, went to delete the photo will appear in the software can be recovered later.

7. Now you will see all the photos back just as you have been saved in the phone.

Put up such a weak password, you can have major damage if not removed immediately

-Online and digital information is most needed to protect the password. So be strong passwords is necessary, otherwise do not seem to dent of hackers seem long.

-Recently released a report last year that is about the worst passwords 2015. You will be flabbergasted to hear that most in the world after buying conscious people make time-critical your password.

- If the feature is easy to remember passwords, but also makes it easier for hackers. According to the list of Splasdeta, "12345678" is the third worst passwords. Last year it was ranked fourth. The fourth and fifth respectively, "qwerty" and "12345" are. "123456789" is once again finished sixth.

- In the list of the worst passwords Splasdeta "football", "baseball", "welcome", "dragon", "master", "monkey" and "passw0rd '' too." Starwars "Worst of 2015 has managed to make it to the list of passwords.

# These are the worst passwords

- If one of these is the password for your account, it will change soon. Special characters in your password, numbers and upper, lower case to include.

- Password

- 12345678


- 12345

- 123456789

- Football

- 1234

- 1234567

- Baseball

- Welcome

- 1234567890

- Abc123

- 111111

- Dragon

- Master

- Monkey

- Letmen

- Login

- Solo

- Strwars

New feature of whatsapp you already hand even more Enjoy

-Instant Messaging app whatsapp new features are added. This feature is that users of states in addition to photos and text your states now videos can also detect. Whats new features updates reach your through.

-If you use this feature snaipchait or have given them instagram the story feature as. This new feature in iOS bottom next to the calling tab while in a separate tab option in the Android too.

-In addition to the text under your states see the photos and videos can also be felt. You photos, videos and drawings to your selected image, giph with friends as states can share for 24 hours.

-Before you do your friends photograph, video or GIF have to share, you can either use the broadcasting feature, or send one by one. But now you can put him in that status 24 hours later will disappear for yourself.

-New iPhone, Android and Windows now device status feature that is available to all consumers around the world. According to the vhatsaaip blog is now encrypted end-to-end status updates. Described on Thursday in the blog, "new and improved status feature to your friends fun and simple ways to update your status. "Whats your app users to create more secure issuing buying updates and features. This social networking app has just two-step verification process so that it can become more secure.

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